Who would have guessed that Dating Services would become a multibillion dollar a year industry? Nowadays we’re more desperate for love and companionship than ever before and with the Internet Revolution in full swing, finding a date is as easy as downloading an app and swiping right. Sadly, the dating ground is a mind-fuck of a mess littered with fuckboys, entitled men, and worse of all – insecure man child’s who need a submissive woman for validation. What’s a girl to do to get some good dick, companionship, and possibly find love? I’ve come to the conclusion that dating older men is a great way to avoid all the bullshit that is modern day dating. Here are 5 reasons why you should date an older man.

1. The Communication

Older men will stimulate your mind before ever touching your body. The willingness to share openly his experiences and listen to yours without judgement or jealousy is the foundation for a flourishing relationship with your old man. I’ve found that younger men get uneasy when I talk about exes I was in love with or great sexual experiences of the past. Not that this is something I bring up often, but it seems that these topics need to be tip toed around or major jealousy will spring up. Worse of all, their poor bruised egos will keep their dicks soft the next time we go to have sex. How fucking horrible for me! Older men are more confident and self assured, thus more receptive to hearing what you learned from previous relationships.

2. The Sex

With 15-25 more years of experience than you, older men have multiple techniques to help get you off. Notice I said “help get you off” not “get you off” like a fucking mind reading magician. Communication is key to unlocking pleasures and sensations that the stiff-lipped fools will never know. My old man has the emotional intelligence to know that I know my body best. He doesn’t get offended that I’m telling him what to do (like guys in their 20s) or get ashamed that a move he’s used on other women doesn’t work on me (like guys in their 30s). A lot of the younger men I’ve had the misfortune of fucking have this crazy notion that their way of touching a woman should get her off no problem. WRONG! She knows her body best, so shut the fuck up and listen. Older men are much more receptive and willing to be guided.

3. Less worrying/insecurities

The things you worry about with younger guys are non-issues with mature men. I had romantic evening with my old man. After we got done, it turns out my period had started so there was a tiny bit of blood on the condom. I was mortified! He said it was okay and he didn’t care. The next day I was at work still feeling a bit awkward about it. We were texting and he said he has been thinking about last night and needs to talk to me about my body. I immediately thought he’s grossed out by me and wants to breakup. (In my defense, the “need to talk” phrase is largely what led me to that conclusion). We ended up on the phone and his need to talk line was about sharing an observation – when we fuck with my legs closed and pushed to one side it feels extra tight. And he noticed we both could cum much quicker in that position. So his whole thing about my body was a pleasure-focused observation that he wanted to point out. He even went as far as to say, and if you ever get tired of me and are with someone else, you can tell him that this is a good way to get you.

4. The Non-linear Thinking

Another great perk about dating older is their advanced way of thinking. The older man has shifted from instant gratification and self-fulfilling thinking to big picture ideas and global impact. He’s not just thinking about himself and his immediate field of surroundings, but more so about how his actions could start a chain reaction and all the different ways it could be a benefit or hindrance to humanity as a whole. He’s genuinely interested in building something and considers the long term implications, limitations, and rewards. His approach to the relationship is similar.

5. The legacy building

Knowledge of himself and understanding of the world drives him to focus on his impact rather than his paycheck. He’s solidifying his legacy, which helps you focus on your own legacy, your own impact. If you’re super organized, you might have a 5 year or 10 year life plan. I don’t have any of that shit because I know plans go awry and I’m too impulsive to stay so rigid. My old man has a different way of looking at plans. Instead of focusing on what I want in 5 or 10 years and doing xyz to get there, he encourages me to focus on how the world will look in 5, 10, 15, 20… will my industry be recognizable? How do I adopt or remain relevant? If I see certain trends, how do I adjust myself and the direction of my work to command that future market and not get washed out by advancements? Planning is one thing. Working backwards from the possible advanced future is something else entirely. We know there is no need to stay rigid. We know things change so preparing to be part of the change is much more beneficial to survival than planning to have this title in 10 years.

Cautionary note:

This article is based on the best of my personal experiences. Just like any other human, older men are also capable of lies, deception, and manipulation. It is your responsibility to gauge his motives, his behaviors, and determine for yourself if he is a good fit.

Ask yourself, “Is this person really interested in my well being and seeing me progress or does he simply want to use me or control me?”

Don’t overthink this. Your gut will answer this for you.

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