He sat at the edge of the bed with his back towards me. Upset. I could feel it in the air. Tension and stiffness everywhere but the place he wanted it most. He looked down at the flaccid meat between his thighs with disgust. I felt sorry for him, but he would not accept the comfort I tied to provide.

A grown man, acting like a child. How do you exist for four decades and not know how to laugh it off when your body doesn’t do what you want? What was most unattractive about this man in this moment was not the fact that he lost his excitement, but his childish reaction to it.

He behaved like a wounded animal. A stag strung up by the tail. He acted like a cornered dog. Showing his teeth. Snapping at me because his cock didn’t stand at command. This is not my guy. My guy would laugh it off and say “let’s continue to explore your pleasure” and bury his head in lap.

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