I tried to play it cool, but when I learned the circumference of his cock, I was dripping hot, wild, and raging. Thick like a wrist I’d eagerly stretch for. Looking at you alone is enough, but your face buried in my pussy like a mango? FUCK. My favorite is when you look up and say “tell me where my tongue goes.” Commanding and demanding, what you do to me my demented mind never dreamed.

Broken chains, broken pains, pleasure rushing to my feet like waves, soaking me all over. I feel sorrow, I feel joy, pressure building up, crippling pleasure, so much fucking pleasure. Papaya, ya, ya. I go goofy with your massive cock inside me. Oh, and the way you move. Makes me want to move mountains to give you a fraction of this pleasure back.

The more you please me, tease me, taste me, savor me, the more I must serve you. Return the pleasure you so delicately deliver. Hot. Wet. Dripping like water melon. Oh, you look so good in my juices. Glistening. Your melanin. My ocean water roaring down your chin. From now on, I’m calling you King because you are, you are, you and that cock are everything!

More than I could come up with alone. More than I could cope with, a proper bone. Bone in, please don’t debone. Legs spread, I’m a martyr for you.

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